Christophe Vaillant
MPhys Theoretical Physics (Dunelm)

Office Ph142

I was born in Liege, Belgium, however spent most of my childhood living in various countries including South Africa (where I originally learnt English), Saudi Arabia and the UAE. I finished my A-Levels at Dubai College and subsequently came to Durham to do my undergraduate degree. After my first year, I decided experiment was not for me, and switched to the theoretical degree, which I completed in 2010.

Currently, I am doing my PhD under Robert Potvliege and Matt Jones for the Strontium Rydberg project, for which I am the theorist. My current work involves investigating the long range interactions between Rydberg atoms.

For a list of my articles on the arxiv, please see my arxiv author page.



C L Vaillant, M P A Jones, R M Potvliege, J. Phys. B 45, p 135004 (2012).
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