Charles S Adams
MA (Oxon), MEng (McMaster), PhD (Strathclyde)


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News 23/04/12: Recent work on cooperative atom-light interactions is featured in the highlights section of Phyiscal Review Letters.

Background: After attending Oulder Hill Comprehensive School in Rochdale, studied Physics at Hertford College, Oxford. I began working on lasers with Dan Cassidy at McMaster Universtiy in Canada. During my Ph.D. with Allister Ferguson at Strathclyde, I designed and built one of the first single frequency Ti:sapphire lasers which subsequently become the Coherent MBR110. As a post-doc I worked with Juergen Mlynek in Konstanz and Steven Chu at Stanford before beginning my own research group at Durham in October 1995.

Current interests: In 2006 we began working on highly excited Rydberg atoms. In particular, we are interested in exploiting the large (long wavelength) dipoles associated with Rydberg states to enhance optical non-linearities at the single photon level, for applications in quantum optics and quantum information processing. We first demonstrated the cooperative enhancement of the non-linearity due to dipole-dipole interactions in 2010. More recently, we have also begun looking at dipole-dipole interactions using only shorter wavelength optical dipoles. More information is available on the research pages of our cold and hot atom experiments.

Other interests: Some clues may be found in this blog or photostream.

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