Talk Archive

Below are a selection of group meetings which may be useful to members of the group:

Group talks
C S Adams 22/11/10
2010_group.pdf (0.3 Mb)

Guide to giving a good group meeting or conference talk.

Optimisation of laser linewidth using Pound-Drever-Hall cavity lock
J Pritchard 12/01/09
FALC.pdf (1.5 Mb)

Summarises characteristics of linewidth narrowed laser lock, including description of Pound-Drever-Hall cavity locking.

Studying a strontium MOT
J Millen 01/12/08
Study.ppt (1.6 Mb)

Contains information on extracting the number/density of atoms in MOT and loss rate of atoms from a MOT using a photodiode and camera. Not only applicable to Strontium!