Ifan G Hughes

This is a picture of the IOP diary cover

My research interests include the physics of cold atoms and molecules (domain wall atom traps, magnetic atom optics, cold molecules) and various forms of spectroscopy(slow light, strong interactions in thermal vapours, hyperfine pumping, EIT).

I co-ordinate the UK experimental cold-atom groups through a network (EUCAN) which was supported by the EPSRC grant EP/D054877/1. We are affiliated to INTERCAN, which is a European network in cold-atom physics. In Durham we held the Cold Matter Forum, to nurture and develop within the UK the strong intellectual connections between the cold atom physics community and the wider condensed matter community.

The Institute of Physics diary cover for 2007-08 is an image from a paper published by Prof. Ifan Hughes' research group.

The paper from which the figure is taken develops the idea of transporting ultracold atoms with a laser guide and pulsed magnetic fields. Two of the authors (Hallwood, Pleasant) were undergraduate MSci students, who studied this problem during their fourth year projects. The first author (Pritchard), who was a PhD student when the work was completed, had developed the magnetic lens during his MSci project. The work was done in collaboration with Aidan Arnold, from Strathclyde University.

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