Highbrightness ion sources from Ultra-Cold Atoms

I am interested in developing ion beam technologies based upon photoionization of laser-cooled atoms in a MOT. Some details can be found HERE .

Interactions of Ultra-Cold Atoms with Domain Walls in Magnetic Nanowires

I work in the group of Ifan Hughes in collaboration with the magnetic materials gorup from Sheffield university on this interdisciplinary project. Please click HERE for more details

Photon Interctions in Rydberg Ensembles

I worked in the group of Charles Adams on photon interactions in Rydberg atoms. We have exploited the properties of Rydberg atoms to explore novel optical non-linearities. Please click HERE for more detail

Atom Trapping in a CO2 Laser Optical Lattice

My Ph. D. research was directed towards the trapping and manipulation of laser cooled Rb atoms in a 1D CO2 laser optical lattice. The long wavelength of the CO2 laser (10.6 μm) results in a large period lattice allowing addressability of individual lattice sites. s

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Dipole Trapping - An introduction.
The optical dipole force arises from the coherent interaction of an inhomogeneous electro-magnetic field with the induced electric dipole moment of an atom. The force is conservative as it is the result of coherent scattering from and to the driving field . More...
Light-shift Engineering - Using an auxiliary laser field to manipulate atomic resonance frequencies.
We have used a method of light-shift engineering where an auxiliary laser is used to tune the atomic transition frequency. We have shown that the technique provides enhanced loading of laser cooled 85Rb and 87Rb atoms into deep optical traps. Furthermore, by using a blue-detuned optical molasses, light-shift engineering offers remarkable spatial selectivity in the loading of an optical lattice More...
Lasers and Laser Locking - Using stable home-made diode lasers for laser cooling.
We use home-made extended cavity diode lasers to perform laser cooling experiments. The lasers are frequency stabilised using DAVLL and polarisation spectroscopy techniques. More...
CO2 Laser - Atom trapping in an ultra stable single-mode laser.
We use a Coherent DEOS GEM select 100 single mode CO2 laser. The laser emits a 100 W horizontally polarised beam. More...
Rydberg EIT 1 - Thermal Vapours .
We have demonstrated a giant electro-optic effect based on polarizable dark states. We demonstrate phase modulation of the light field in the dark state medium and measure an electro-optic coeffcient that is more than 12 orders of magnitude larger than in other gases. This enormous Kerr non-linearity also creates the potential for precision electrometry and single particle detection.

We have demonstrated a multiphoton Rydberg dark resonance where a Lambda-system is coupled to a Rydberg state. This N-type level scheme combines the ability to slow and store light pulses associated with long lived ground state superpositions, with the strongly interacting character of Rydberg states.
Rydberg EIT 2 - Rydberg EIT in cold Rubidium atoms.
We demonstrate sub-MHz linewidths in EIT in cold Rubidium atoms. More...