Giant Kerr effect

We have demonstrated a giant electro-optic effect based on polarizable dark states. We demonstrate phase modulation of the light field in the dark state medium and measure an electro-optic coeffcient that is more than 12 orders of magnitude larger than in other gases. This enormous Kerr non-linearity also creates the potential for precision electrometry and single particle detection.

Our paper has been submitted to Nature Physics

Rydberg EIT

We have demonstrated a multiphoton Rydberg dark resonance where a ground state Lambda-system is coupled to a Rydberg state. This N-type level scheme combines the ability to slow and store light pulses associated with long lived ground state superpositions, with the strongly interacting character of Rydberg states.

Please see our recent paper from the archive for more details

Electro-optic control of atom-light interactions using Rydberg dark-state polaritons

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