Level 3 Laboratories

2012 - Present: Leader of the optics laboratory.

Level 1 Laboratories

2006 - 2010: Running Skills sessions, Discovery and Full experiments

Fourth Year MSci Projects

2012/13: Laser stabilization to an atomic transition using an optically generated dispersive lineshape

2012/13: Development of diode laser systems for a ultracold ion source.

2011/12: A stabilised interferometer for atomic physics experiments

2011/12: A compact spectrometer for laser cooling experiments

2010/11: Computer simulation of an ultracold ion source

2010/11: Spectroscopy of highly excited states of Caesium

2010/11: A compact spectrometer for laser cooling experiments

2009/10: A simple laser cooling setup.

2008/09: Laser Instrumentation for Cold-Atom Experiments

2008/09: Active Cancellation of Magnetic Field for Cold-Atom Experiments

2007/08: Laser Locking using the Pound-Drever-Hall Technique

Marking and examples class demonstrating

2002 - 2006:

Foundations of physics 1: Classical Mechanics, electricity and magnetism, Optics, Phases of Matter, Atomic Nuclear and Particle Physics and quantum mechanics

Foundations of physics 2: Quantum and atomic physics and Electromagnetism

Foundations of physics 3: Quantum and atomic physics, statistical physics, nuclear physics and classical mechanics

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