Margaret Harris

During the 2005-2006 school year, I was a Teaching Fellow at Greenfield Community and Arts College in Newton Aycliffe. The Teaching Fellowship is a pilot scheme set up by Durham University and the Durham LEA (with funding from the Ogden Trust) which sends a small group of science PhD students into local schools on a half-time basis for one year to support and enhance students' experience with science. During my year as a teaching fellow, I led a science club for Y11 students, tutored a gifted Y8/9 student with autism, organised various trips to local science events, and was generally an extra pair of hands and eyes in the classroom (a big advantage when dealing with antsy 13-year-old wannabe pyromaniacs and Bunsen burners). In the autumn term, I developed a guide to online interactive resources for the 21st Century Science curriculum, a new approach to science teaching that aims to bring more 'real world' examples into school science.

In my first year as a PhD student I funded my quest for better bits of walking kit by demonstrating nuclear physics to third-year undergraduates.

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