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We have shown enhanced, site-specific loading of optical lattices.
Preprint physics/0504113

I'm doing a PhD in experiments on loading ultra-cold Rb into optical lattices. We cool 85Rb in a MOT to 20 µK. The atoms are then loaded into a deep (up to 2 mK) optical lattice formed by counter-propagating CO2 lasers.

I'm from Co. Clare in Ireland. I did a BSc. in Applied Physics in the University of Limerick before applying to work here in the group of Prof. Charles Adams.

The research we do is in optical dipole trapping of ultra-cold atoms. We concentrate on using very far off-resonant radiation from a CO2 laser. The advantages of this are twofold:

  • (currently) absolutely negligible heating due to the trap laser.
  • optical lattices with large lattice-site separation.
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