Loading CO2 dipole traps
Paul Griffin

The images below are taken after a time-of-flight. The MOT is loaded for 2.5 seconds and the trapping fields are switched off, except for the CO2 laser which is left on through out the cycle. A 1.8 ms imaging pulse of trapping and repumping light is switched on after the time indicated. All axes are in mm.
Note that after 25 ms the centre of mass of the MOT will have fallen over 6 mm due to gravity, which is to the left.

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Time-of-flight images of releasing a MOT and loading 
    an Optical Dipole Trap Time of flight image of dipole trap

This is an image of the trapped atoms 5 seconds after release from the MOT. The colour scale is the same as on the animation up to 1s.

dipole trap after 5 seconds
All axes are in mm.
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