QuAMP III Poster Sessions

Tuesday 8pm and Wednesday 8pm

  1. Modelling of Foam Walled Hohlraums
    SW McAlpin(1), BR Thomas(1), RM Stevenson(1), MD Rosen(2)
    (1) AWE Aldermaston
    (2) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

  2. X-ray imaging of colliding laser-produced plasmas
    J Dardis, CLS Lewis, JT Costello
    Dublin City University, Ireland

  3. Entropy and Joint Measurements
    Thomas Brougham, Erika Andersson, Stephen Barnett
    University of Strathclyde

  4. Ultracold atom-molecule collisions and bound states in magnetic fields. The He + NH system
    Maykel L Gonzalez-Martinez(1) and Jeremy M Hutson(2)
    (1)Instituto Superior de Tecnologias y Ciencias Aplicadas, Cuba
    (2) Durham University

  5. Measuring the electric dipole moment of the electron
    Henry Ashworth, Jony Hudson, Ben Sauer, Michael Tarbutt, Ed Hinds
    Imperial College London

  6. A jet-beam source of cold lithium hydride molecules
    SK Tokunaga, MR Tarbutt, EA Hinds
    Imperial College London

  7. Coherent Control of the Formation of Ultra-Cold Heteronuclear RbCs Molecules
    Simon Cornish(1), Igor Mourachko(1), Charles Adams(1), Ifan Hughes(1), Gareth Roberts(2), Alan Homer(2)
    (1) Durham University
    (2) University of Newcastle Upon Tyne

  8. Coherent manipulation of Rubidium
    James Bateman, Sunil Patel, Matthew Himsworth, Tim Freegarde
    University of Southampton

  9. Coherent Manipulation of Atoms and Molecules
    Matthew Himsworth, James Bateman, Sunil Patel, Tim Freegarde
    University of Southampton

  10. Cat States of Superfluid Flow
    David Hallwood, Jacob Dunningham, Keith Burnett
    University of Oxford

  11. Interplay of Density and Phase Fluctuations in Quasi-1D Bose Gases
    Nick P Proukakis
    University of Newcastle upon Tyne

  12. Matter-wave Solitons at Finite Temperatures
    Brian Jackson, Carlo Barenghi, Nick Proukakis
    University of Newcastle upon Tyne

  13. Bright Soliton Collisions in BEC of Dilute Atomic Gases
    AD Martin, CS Adams, SA Gardiner
    Durham University

  14. Gravity Induced Resonances of Laser-Driven Cold Atoms
    Mark Saunders and Simon A Gardiner
    Durham University

  15. Ion-Photon Quantum Interface
    Matthias Keller, Peter Blythe, Anders Mortensen, Wolfgang Lange
    University of Sussex

  16. Endohedral fullerenes and ODMR spectroscopy for quantum information processing
    A Tiwari, A Watt, R A Taylor, A Ardavan, GAD Briggs
    University of Oxford

  17. Progress Towards A Quantum Degenerate Mixture of 87Rb and 133Cs
    P Tierney, M Harris, SL Cornish
    Durham University

  18. Laser Cooling of Rb in a 3D CO2 Lase Optical Lattice
    MG Bason(1), MJ Pritchard(1), KJ Weatherill(1), PF Griffin(2), E Riis(3), CS Adams(1)
    (1) Durham University
    (2) Georgia Institute of Technology
    (3) University of Strathclyde

Hot topics: Thursday 5 pm

  1. Cooling atoms and molecules using the dipole force
    Tim Freegarde
    University of Southampton

  2. Engineering vortex rings and controlled studies of vortex interactions in Bose-Einstein condensates
    Janne Ruostekoski(1) and Zachary Dutton(2)
    (1) University of Southampton
    (2) Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, USA

  3. Soliton-Like Perturbation, Reconnection Processes and Turbulence in Atomic BEC
    Eniko Madarassy and Carlo Barenghi
    University of Newcastle upon Tyne

  4. Storage Ring for BECs
    I Norris, M Zawadzki, A Arnold, E Riis
    University of Strathclyde

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  • AMIG (Atomic and Molecular Interactions Group)
  • MPG (Molecular Physics Group)
  • PPG (Plasma Physics Group)
  • QEPG (Quantum Electronics and Photonics Group)
  • QQQ (Quantum Information, Quantum Optics and Quantum Control)

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