AtMol Recruitment

Postgraduate Students

Recruitment of new PhD students usually starts around October in line with the academic calendar, though applications are welcomed throughout the year. We are usually able to recruit 5-6 students each year. More information on the group's activities can be found on our research page. The physics department maintains a page that gives details of funding sources, entry requirements, and the application process - click here. We welcome applications across all of our activities, however at certain times there may be studentships available that are linked with particular projects. These are listed below.

  • Two EU funded project studentships on Quantum Simulation with Rydberg atoms (RySQ project) The RySQ project is a pan-European collaboration that will bring together leading researchers across the EU to investigate how the combination of cold atoms and the strong interactions between highly excited Rydberg atoms can be used to make a quantum simulator - a device that would simulate the behaviour of other, less well-controlled quantum systems. Two experimental PhD studentships are available in Durham, open to students of any nationality, to work on the following topics:

-Quantum simulation of excitonic transport using cold Rb Rydberg atoms. For more details contact Professor Charles Adams.

-Novel quantum simulators using cold Sr Rydberg atoms. For more details contact Dr Matthew Jones.

We are particularly looking for applicants ready to start from March 2015.

  • A project studentship on quantum computation  Fifteen years of physics experiments have built quantum devices that will soon out-perform classical computers for simulating quantum systems. However, quantum computers are not about to sweep away our current technology, rather, they will enhance it by providing extreme processing modules to be called upon when the power they provide is needed. Moreover, this makes the interfacing of classical and quantum computers critical to the exploitation of quantum computational power. This PhD project will investigate multiple aspects of the interfacing of quantum with classical computers using theoretical models and numerical simulation. There will be opportunities to work more closely with experimental groups in the latter part of the project.. For more details contact Dr. Viv Kendon.
  • Nanotomics: atom-light quantum optics at the nanoscale In collaboration with Prof. Vahid Sandghdar we will investigate atom-light interactions at the nanoscale using both strong focusing and strong confinement of atomic ensembles. This project studentship is funded by the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. For more details contact Professor Charles Adams.
  • EPSRC DTA funded studentships In addition to the project studenthsips listed above, each year we are able to recruit approximately 2 students on other projects. These studentships are only available to UK nationals, or exceptionally strong candidates from the EU. This year we have identified cold ion beams, solitons, and nanocells as priority areas.
  • Durham Doctoral Scholarships Each year Durham University awards a small number (4 for all science departments) of highly prestigious scholarships for outstanding PhD students of any nationality. The application process is highly competitive; you will need to be at or near the top of your class, with evidence of achievement at the highest level such as publications or awards. We welcome applications from top-class students to work on any of our projects.

JQC Postgraduate Recruitment Event

The recruitment event for the Joint Quantum Centre, which includes the Durham AtMol group will take place on Friday 5th December 2014. Register for the opportunity to talk to our current PhD students and see what we are up to. For more details click on the image below. Press Open day for prospective PhD students on Friday 5th December. Click on image below for a flyer with all the details.

Postdoctoral Positions

For young German researchers, both Simon Gardiner and Jeremy Hutson can host Feodor Lynen fellowships.

If you are interested in applying to join our group, or just want to find out more information, contact one of our staff.