RbCs Project: Gallery
Optical Trapping of Cs.
Optically trapped Cs trapped in a single 24W beam with a 150 miron waist. At the bottom of the image those atoms not optically trapped can be observed falling under gravity. This video shows the final 500ms of the dipole trap loading process. During these final stages the gradient of a quadrupole trap is ramped down from 45G/cm to 30G/cm in the presence of the dipole beam.
Optical Setup.
(From L to R) schematic of the optical setup and photograph of the laser table (August 2009).
1000 G Coils
(From L to R) Science MOT schematic, completed magnetic coils, the completed setup
Baseball Coils
Diagram and pictures of the baseball trap, which was used in the original setup. (From L to R) baseball trap schematic, the completed trap and winding of the coils.
Vacuum system.
(L to R) Schematic diagram of vacuum system, completed vacuum system showing glass cell before installation of magnetic trap, detail of optics inside pyramid chamber

Updated by Simon L. Cornish, May 2010