Soliton Project: Gallery
Sylvi's been busy with Inventor!
After getting to grips with Autodesk Inventor, Sylvi has produced some very impressive technical drawings of the vacuum system - complete with all the nuts and bolts!!

This drawing shows how all the magnetic coils are positioned around the vacuum chamber.
The prisms
The obstacle prism, viewed looking down the transport axis from the science cell end of the vacuum system. The white object is the macor mount of the super-polished prism (the short and wide prism visible). The obstacle prism appears as a square in the centre of the vacuum tube.)The super-polished prism in its macor mount in the science cell. The surface roughness of the front face is < 1Å

Building begins on the second table
Vacuum chamber completedMOT optics and magnetic trapping hardware installed

The new optical table in the new lab 62
On arrival....and complete with optics!

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