Former Research Projects

Molecule - Coherent control of the formation of ultracold molecules.
I. Mourachko, S.L. Cornish, C.S. Adams & I.G. Hughes
This is a new experimental development at Durham, using shaped femtosecond laser pulses to form ultracold molecules from magnetically trapped ultracold atoms. We intend specifically to generate heteronuclear Rb-Cs molecules. This work is in close collaboration with Newcastle and Oxford Universities. More...
Transport - Magnetic tranpsort and mixing of two distinct atomic gases.
A. Tripathi, I.G. Hughes & S.L. Cornish
We are developing a new apparatus for the study of mixtures using the technique of magnetic transport. The physics accessible with ultracold and quantum-degenerate Rb-Cs mixtures is extremely rich due to the unique Cs-Cs scattering behaviour. The measurement of interspecies collisions in a magnetic trap paves the way for sympathetic cooling the mixture More...
Rydberg - Multiparticle entanglement of neutral atoms by Rydberg excitation.
R. Abel, C. Carr, U. Krohn, & C.S. Adams
The aim of this project is to address atoms stored in a single site of an optical lattice. We hope to exploit the properties of Rydberg atoms to address a single optical lattice site. Due to the large "distance" between the electron and the atom core a Rydberg atom has a large polarisability which makes Rydberg atoms extremely sensitive to electric fields, allowing large Stark shifts to be produced. If a spatially varying electric field is applied the Stark shift will change across the optical lattice and, hence, the engergy of the Rydberg states will be shifted so that only atoms at the target lattice site are on resonace with the Rydberg excitation laser, thus allowing only that lattice site to be addressed. More...