Pulsed Magnetic Atom Optics (Experiment)

David Smith, Ifan Hughes

The Vacuum

After construction, pumping, baking, cooling and the action of an ion pump, the pressure of the vacuum chamber reached 9.0 x 10-11 Torr.

A Ion Pump [Varian Vaclon Plus 40 Diode Ion Pump]; B T-piece, which connects to an all-metal valve then a turbomolecular pump backed by a rotary vane pump; C Six-way cross; D Ion Gauge [Varian UHV-24 Ionization Gauge] housed in a nipple; E Twelve-way cross; F Quartz cell, which connects to the twelve-way cross on a glass-to-metal seal. The blue flanges denote the six magneto-optical trap laser beam ports. Quartz viewports were attached to all but three of the flanges on the twelve-way cross and also to three of the flanges on the six-way cross. One of the horizontal ports on the twelve-way cross houses an electrical feed-through that supplies current to a rubidium dispenser.

The chamber is topped by a quartz cell that emanates from a twelve-way cross. This cross has an electrical feed-through at one flange to carry current to a rubidium dispenser and nine AR-coated quartz viewports. The twelve-way cross sits on a six-way cross that has AR-coated quartz viewports to enable MOT temperature measurements. An ion pump [Varian Vaclon Plus 40 Diode Ion Pump] and an ion gauge [Varian UHV-24 Ionization Gauge] are present for low pressure attainment and pressure measurement respectively.

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