Nanowire Project

Investigator: Ifan Hughes
Co-Investigator: Charles Adams
Post-Doctoral Research Associate: Kevin Weatherill
PhD Student: Adam West

EPSRC Grants: EP/F025459/1 and EP/F024886/1

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In preparation:
  • Piezoelectrically-actuated time-averaged atomic microtraps
    Adam D. West, Christopher G. Wade, Kevin J. Weatherill, Ifan G. Hughes
  • Manipulating ultracold atoms with a reconfigurable nanomagnetic system of domain walls
    Adam D. West, Kevin J. Weatherill, Thomas J. Hayward, Paul W. Fry, Thomas Schrefl, Mike R. J. Gibbs, Charles S. Adams, Dan A. Allwood, Ifan G. Hughes
  • A simple model for calculating magnetic nanowire domain wall fringing fields
    Adam West, Thomas Hayward, Kevin Weatherill, Thomas Schrefl, Dan Allwood, Ifan Hughes
    Journal of Physics D 45 095002 (2012) [arXiv]
  • Nanomagnetic engineering of the properties of domain wall atom traps
    Thomas J. Hayward, Adam D. West, Kevin J. Weatherill, Thomas Schrefl, Ifan G. Hughes, Dan A. Allwood
    Journal of Applied Physics 110, 123918 (2011) [arXiv]
  • Design and characterization of a field-switchable nanomagnetic atom mirror
    T. J. Hayward, A. D. West, K. J. Weatherill, P. J. Curran, P. W. Fry, P. M. Fundi, M. R. J. Gibbs, T. Schrefl, C. S. Adams, I. G. Hughes, S. J. Bending, and D. A. Allwood
    Journal of Applied Physics 108, 043906 (2010) [arXiv]
  • Mobile atom traps using magnetic nanowires
    D. A. Allwood, T. Schrefl, G. Hrkac, I. G. Hughes, C. S. Adams
    Journal of Applied Physics 89, 014102 (2006)