Experimentalist Resources

Open access resources. Group Members, please add any useful files to the list below. Comments and corrections are welcomed, however please do not remove or edit files without the author's consent.
  • Vacuum Guide (KJW)
    A guide to the ATMOL vacuum rig located in the prep-room.
  • Laser Safety Shutter with LED Emission Indicator (MLH)
    A pdf file documenting the laser safety shutters developed at Durham for use with Class 3b lasers. Contains a list of parts required, machining diagrams, instructions for assembly, and test data.
  • Basic description of the operation of diode lasers (from the University of Colorado).
  • Wavelength Electronics manual to MPT series temperature controllers.
  • Exercises in basic laser alignment (from the University of Colorado).
  • Guide to diode laser polarity, drivers and protection.
    Specifically refers to the Clarendon diode laser current controllers.
  • Guide to knife-edge measurements of Gaussian beams, fitting routine in Excel and guide to using the fitting routine.
    KnifeEdge.pdf, Gaussianbeamprofile.xls, ExcelFittingGuide.pdf
  • Optima Anamorphic Prism Datasheet.
  • AOM alignment guide (DJM)
    A brief guide to the setup and alignment of a double-passed AOM, including data on the typical performance.
  • Direct Maximum Likelihood Methods (DJS)
    Group meeting slides showing the application of Maximum Likelihood Methods.
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