Manifestation of quantum resonant effects in the atom-optical delta-kicked accelerator.

Mark Saunders

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  • Preamble:
    Title, abstract, contents, acknowledgements, tables.
  • Background:
    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: The classical delta-kicked rotor
    Chapter 3: The quantum delta-kicked rotor
    Chapter 4: The atom-optical delta-kicked accelerator
  • Methods:
    Chapter 5: Quantum observables
    Chapter 6: Numerical implementation
    Chapter 7: The ultracold regime
    Chapter 8: The thermal regime
  • Results:
    Chapter 9: Quasimomentum dependence
    Chapter 10: Temperature dependence of the delta-kicked rotor
    Chapter 11: Temperature dependence of the delta-kicked accelerator
    Chapter 12: Gravitational sensitivity
    Chapter 13: Conclusions
  • Appendices:
    Appendix A: Operator identities
    Appendix B: The atom-optical Hamiltonian
    Appendix C: The atom-optical evolution operator
    Appendix D: Matrix elements
    Appendix E: Momentum moments
  • Bibliography

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