The "Cornish Division"

Current Members:

Kirsteen ButlerMichael Koeppinger
Graduate Student (Oct 2010-)Graduate Student (May 2010-)
RbCs & YbCs ProjectsRbCs Project

Ruben FreytagBo Lu
Graduate Student (Oct 2010-)Postdoc (July 2013-)
YbCs ProjectRbCs Project

Phil GregoryAnna Marchant
Graduate Student (Oct 2013-)Postdoc (Jan 2013-)
RbCs ProjectSoliton & RbCs Projects

Steve HopkinsPete Molony
Postdoc (Mar 2009-)Graduate student (Oct 2012-)
YbCs (& Soliton) ProjectRbCs Project

Zhonghua JiManfred Yu
Postdoc (Sept 2013-)Graduate Student (Oct 2011-)
RbCs ProjectSoliton project

Stefan Kemp
Graduate Student (Apr 2012-)
YbCs Project

Former Members:

Graduate Students:Tim Wiles (2009-2013)
Soliton Project
Thesis: Dynamics of bright solitary matter-waves
Last known affiliation: Waterstons, Durham.

Anna Marchant (2008-2012)
Soliton Project
Thesis: Formation of bright solitary matter-waves
Last known affiliation: PDRA on RbCs and soliton projects.

Dan Jenkin (2008-2012)
Mixture Project
Thesis: Feshbach spectroscopy of an ultracold Rb-Cs mixture
Last known affiliation: Northumbrian Water.

Sylvi Haendel (2008-2011)
Soliton Project
Thesis: Experiments on ultracold quantum gases of 85Rb and 87Rb
Last known affiliation: PDRA with Wes Campbell, UCLA, California.

Danny McCarron (2007-2011)
RbCs Project
Thesis: A quantum degenerate mixture of 87Rb and 133Cs
Last known affiliation: PDRA with Dave DeMille at Yale University.

Patrick Tierney (2004-2009)
RbCs Project
Thesis: Magnetic trapping of an ultracold Rb-Cs atomic mixture
Last known affiliation: Leisure Technical Consultants Limited

Margaret Harris (2003-2008)
RbCs Project
Thesis: Realistion of a cold mixture of rubidium and caesium
Last known affiliation: IOP publishing (Physics World).

Postdocs:Danny McCarron (June 2011-Feb 2013)
RbCs Project

Hung-Wen Cho (Oct 2009-Jul 2012)
RbCs (& Soliton) Project

Jean-Christophe Karam (Feb 2008-Feb 2009)
Soliton Project

Ajay Tripathi (Jul 2006-Oct 2007)
Transport Project

Zhao-Yuan Ma (Oct 2005-Apr 2006)
Soliton Project

Visitors:Isaac Fan and Chun-Jen Chen (July/August 2011)
From Prof. Yi-Wei Liu's group at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan

Juris Ulmanis (2010)
From Matthias Weidemueller's group at the University of Heidelberg

Clemens Streitberger and Thomas Pichler (2009)
From University of Innsbruck

Summer Students:Hyacinthe Buisson (2013)
YbCs Project - Institut d'Optique Summer Internship

Phil Gregory (2012)
YbCs Project - Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursary

Emily Barnard (2011)
Soliton Project - Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursary

Pauline Trouve (2008)
Soliton Project - Institut d'Optique Summer Internship

Chris Wallace (2008)
Soliton Project

Tim Wiles (2008)
Soliton Project

Paul Foulkes (2007)
RbCs Project

Steven King (2007)
Soliton Project

Fay Tuddenham (2005 and 2006)
RbCs Project - Nuffield Foundation Undergraduate Research Bursary

Sam Pollock (2005)
RbCs Project

Group Photographs:

Cake Club 2011:
A selection of treats from our cake club. Thanks to Sylvi for organising us!

Group Trip to Embleton Bay in August 2011
Rounders on the beach.The group (minus Danny).
Picnic time.Our Taiwanese visitors enjoy a typical summer's day.
The water wasn't that cold!Chilling out in different ways.

Tim's Birthday 2010
A typical May day in Durham.

Group Summer 2009
During Thomas and Clemens visit from Innsbruck.

Christmas Lunch 2008
We finished this year with a lovely Christmas meal on Friday the 19th of December in the Seven Stars in Durham.

Group Trip to Dunstanburgh Castle in August 2008
Sylvi and Pauline on the beach.What's he catching?
After having a big picnic, we enjoy the sunny seaside.Outside Dunstanburgh Castle.
Ultimate frisbee in action performed by Tim.Danny offers William a ride.

July 2008
AtMol running club kicks off with a nice 6 mile run.We're enjoying icecream on a nice sunny day in the botanic garden.

June 2008
On our way back from Group Lunch

October 2007
RbCs Project Group Photograph

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