Simon L Cornish

My research interests lie in the field of ultracold atomic gases and Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC). Specifically, I am interested in the control of ultracold atomic collisions using Feshbach resonances in both single and two-species quantum degnerate gases and the application of ultracold neutral atoms (and molecules) in optical lattices to quantum simulation and computation. I currently lead three experimental projects:
RbCs - Ultracold atomic mixtures and molecules.
M.P. Köppinger, P.D. Gregory P.K. Molony, Z. Ji, B. Lu & S.L. Cornish
The physics accessible with ultracold and quantum-degenerate Rb-Cs mixtures is extremely rich due to the complex Cs-Cs and Rb-Cs scattering length dependencies on magnetic field. The creation of a dual species BEC paves the way for detailed studies of a tunable quantum degenerate mixture and opens a route to the creation of heteronuclear molecules via magneto-association. More...
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Soliton - Bright matter-wave solitons: formation, dynamics and quantum reflection.
A.L. Marchant, M.M.H. Yu, S.A. Hopkins & S.L. Cornish
Solitons are self-focusing wave packets that can propagate over long distances without change in shape, and emerge from collisions unaltered. Bose-Einstein condensates support both bright and dark soliton solutions. The goal of this project is to study the formation, dynamics and quantum reflection of bright matter-wave solitons using 85Rb condensates. More...
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YbCs - MicroKelvin Molecules in a Quantum Array.
K.L. Butler, R. Freytag, S.L. Kemp, S.A. Hopkins & S.L. Cornish
Ultracold molecules offer a number of advantages over atoms for applications in precision measurement and quantum simulation. The goal of this project is to create a gas of ultracold YbCs molecules confined on a three-dimensional optical lattice. Such a system has the potential to simulate a range of lattice spin models by virtue of the fact that the molecules possess both electric and magnetic dipole moments. More...
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