Dr Thomas P. Billam
PhD Theoretical Physics

Former PhD Student

Now at the Jack Dodd Centre for Quantum Technology
University of Otago, Dunedin 9016, New Zealand
Tel +64 (0)3 4794006
Email thomas.billam (at otago.ac.nz)
Current web page

I began my education in Nottingham, where I attended the West Bridgford Comprehensive School. Even before I got my hands dirty building a Tesla coil out of scrap metal and electrical tape, the inevitability of my becoming a fully paid-up member of Team Physics had been noted by staff and students alike.

The fear of disappointing my tutors and peers in this regard led me to abandon my certain path to guitar-playing stardom and head instead to Durham University to study physics. Once here, I soon became aware that laboratory work was probably never again going to involve taking microwave ovens apart or sparking a few hundred Amps between some bits of old cooker. Sadly, this New Way was not for me. I changed my registration to theoretical physics.

In my final year, I worked with Dr Simon Gardiner on the MSci project, "Quantum resonances in the delta-kicked harmonic oscillator". As the existence of this web page suggests, I really enjoyed the experience of physics research. I am currently studying for a PhD in physics, modelling the dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates using a number-conserving formalism and generally tinkering with nonlinear PDEs and solitons. My other interests include blues and classical music, orienteering, generally messing about with computers, running, and being overly concerned with spelling and grammar.

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